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Explore and Experience the BLISS OF AYURVEDA at Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Centre.

Welcome to Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Centre (MAAWC), a treatment and training centre, first of its kind in Gokulam, the Yoga capital of Mysore.

Our Mission

  • To deliver Ayurveda for All
  • To create a Fit and Healthy Community
  • To spread Ayurveda globally
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About Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Centre

To live in Harmony with nature

Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Centre, a scientifically oriented treatment and training centre is founded with a sincere aim to provide prompt classical Ayurvedic treatment and sound understanding of comprehensive theoretical knowledge as well as practical application of Ayurveda.

Mysore Ayrveda Academy & Wellness Centre is a result of our experience and efforts to spread the goodness of ayurveda amongst people not only via the medium of curative therapies but through various courses wherein ayurvedic education is imparted to students. Read More. Read More.

Our Services and Packages
We offer a wide array of ayurvedic courses and treatments

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Certificate Courses

Explore the wisdom of ancient science of life.

Since ayurveda is our passion, we have made an attempt to keep this ancient method alive by training the upcoming generation through our workshops and intensive courses. Ambitious candidates can opt for certification courses in different streams of Ayurveda.

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Come feel and experience the scientific way of Ayurveda.

We offer a wide array of traditional, classical, and authentic Ayurveda panchakarma therapies and palliative treatments that are simply amazing and delightfully pleasing. Our invigorating ayurvedic treatments can be easily customized as per your specific needs and requirements.

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Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

More than cosmetics.

Our beauty package programs include topical support to the skin with natural enhancers and classical mode of beauty enhancement therapies in addition to the counselling on balanced diet, balanced activity, healthy routine and sound sleep.

Ayurveda And YOU...

Good health is all that one craves for.

Unless one enjoys good health, one can neither contribute nor derive maximum benefit from what life has to offer. Describing the greatness of health, Ayurveda acharyas state that -Dharmarthkamamokshanam arogyam moola muttamam Dharma - following the righteous path, Artha - attainment of wealth, Kama - fulfilment or gratification of desire and Moksha - liberation from the world. These are the fourfold objectives of human life. Health is the root cause for attainment of all the fourfold objectives in human life.
Ayurveda, the science of self healing shows us the way for healthy and balanced life through right diet and lifestyle.
The diet and lifestyle are fundamentally preventive in nature. They help to maintain optimum health and balance of doshas.
The entire material nature in the universe is made up of Panchamahabhuta which carries properties of Trigunas - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. In all this, our body as well as the food we take is included. So whatever the food we eat will surely decide the physical and psychological status of our body. So one should select the food cautiously because "your diet" and "you" are connected deeply.
The lifestyle suggestions like Dinacharya, Rutucharya, Sadvritta, Yoga, Pranayama, etc., primarily focus to refine the quality of mind, accelerate the metabolic activity, as well as improve the sensory functions and thereby enhance the quality of our lives.
When these principles are followed, the seeds of disease never get sown. They serve to educate us as to how to live life in harmony with nature’s law.

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Our top Ayurvedic treatments

6000 3 Days
  • Day1: Abhyanga with Medicated Butter + Shirodhara with Milk
  • Day2: Almond Body Scrub + Ayurvedic Foot Reflexology
  • Day3: Abhyanga with Herbal Rice Bags + Shirodhara with Buttermilk
9500 5 Days
  • Day1: Abhyanga with Sandalwood oil + Shirodhara with Milk
  • Day2: Hridaya Basti + Shirodhara with Buttermilk
  • Day3: Foot Reflexology + Shirodhara with Herbal Oil
  • Day4: Hridaya Basti + Shirodhara with Herbal Decoctions
  • Day5: Foot Reflexology + Shirodhara with Buttermilk
11000 5 Days
  • Day1: Abhyanga with Sandalwood oil + Shirodhara with milk
  • Day2: Back and Neck Massage + Chakra Basti + Hridaya Basti
  • Day3: Almond Body Scrub + Ayurvedic Foot Reflexology
  • Day4: Navarakhizi + Netra Tarpana
  • Day5: Abhyanga with Butter + Shirodhara with Buttermilk
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Our special Offer

Panchakarma 8 Days Package for only ₹6000