Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Centre



Since Ayurveda is our passion, we have made an attempt to keep this ancient method alive by training the upcoming generation through our workshops and intensive courses. Ambitious candidates can opt for certification courses as well in different streams like:

In this section, we introduce students to the basic concepts of Ayurveda and how one can restore health and prevent disease. This program focuses on the topics such as Panchamahabhuta theory, Tridosha theory, Trigunas, relation of health with Panchamahabhuta and Tridosha, concept of dhatus and malas, balanced and imbalanced state of doshas, Prakruti or individual constitution, VPK test to identify your body and mind type, Daily routine, Seasonal routine and other practices and principles that maximize well-being. This program also introduces home remedies for common ailments Topics covered.
Ayurvedic cooking course helps the learners to use food as medicine creating balance and healing for individual constitution, to nourish oneself with the six tastes of Ayurvedic nutrition, and to prevent toxins from undigested foods – the most threatening opponent to good health, with demo of simple, tasty, and tridosha balancing recipes Topics covered.
Marma science is an inherent power of healing in the human body. It is an important component of Ayurveda and a significant tool for preventing and treating dosha imbalances. In marma therapy sessions, students will learn to activate different vital points to keep the body fit physically, mentally and spiritually Topics covered.
Abhyanga is the most natural and powerful method of relaxing the body. In Abhyanga course, the students will learn the ancient technique of massage as mentioned in the classics of Ayurveda Topics covered.
Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old healing system, has a unique perspective on health and beauty. Ayurvedic Beauty care course gives an insight into ancient traditional methods of cosmetology and management of common beauty problems Topics covered.
Herbology or Dravyaguna is comprehensive discipline, which embraces various aspects of knowledge about the identification, classification of drugs; their physical and chemical properties; biotransformation and metabolic activities; their uses, dosage and therapeutic actions; their compatibility, synergism and vehicle; their incompatibility and toxicity and their different pharmaceutical processing and preparations. Here, students learn more than 80 potent medicinal herbs based on the principles of dravyaguna Topics covered.
All these courses are specially designed for the beginners. The courses are tuned to give the students a sound understanding of the core concepts of Ayurveda in the relating subjects


The certification course on Ayurveda is open to all graduates belonging to any stream. However it is more suitable for those who are fascinated by Ayurveda and interested to unfurl the underlying concepts of Ayurveda. It can be of great benefit for professional massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, or anyone who is dedicated towards improving health


Our teachers are experts in Ayurveda with years of experience in clinical practice.


The certification is based on the classroom performance, discipline, and theory and practical examinations. Certificate will be issued only if the teachers are satisfied with the performance. On certification, students can provide counseling on topics such as ahara, vihara, dinacharya, rutucharya, use of common herbs, and home remedies for simple ailments. Interested students can also become professional Ayurvedic masseurs.

Course Schedule

Mysore Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Centre also offers individual training program in specific topics of Ayurveda and the course schedule (date, timings, and duration) is structured according to the individual's need to facilitate personal attention and optimum learning experience.

Course Fees

  • Basic Principles of Ayurveda and Home Remedies – 7000 INR
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking – 10000 INR
  • Marma Therapy Course – 10000 INR
  • Abhyanga/Ayurveda Massage Course – 25000 INR
  • Ayurvedic Beauty Care – 20,000 INR
  • Ayurvedic Herbology – 35,000 INR

  • The course fee does not include accommodation and food, but the same can be arranged on request at any of the eco-friendly places in Mysore.