In the modern so-called sophisticated society, we have become increasingly disconnected from our True Self. We are rapidly moving away from our essence or true consciousness.   Our senses are heavily influenced by constant stimulation from computers, cell phones, videogames, television, radio, and other electronic devices.

Besides all these, the pace at which we are living is exerting excess pressure on the nervous system. These hectic lifestyles, competitive society, a departure from the natural rhythms, are reflected in our physical health and more so on our mental health.

So, the deadly outcome of modern society is stress.

Stress is a major factor in disease and has been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, insomnia, depression, obesity, etc.

Ayurveda advocates a unique concept of positive behavior to maintain the mental and emotional balance under the topic – Achararasayana


The fundamental principle of AcharRasayana “behavioral medicine” in Ayurveda is how to adopt the right choices in order to live with ease and in harmony with nature.

AcharRasayana means health-promoting behavioral conduct that includes –

  1. Satyavadinah – truthfulness
  2. Akrodhinah – do not be angry
  3. MadyaNivrati – do not indulge in alcoholic drinks.
  4. MaithunaNivrati – observe celibacy
  5. Ahimsa – non-violence
  • Kaya – physical non-violence (not harming self and others physically)
  • Vacha – pleasant speech or non-violent communication
  • Manaha – mental non-violence (with thoughts and feelings)
  1. Anayasaka – avoid overexertion.
  2. Prashantam – be calm and peaceful in mind.
  3. Priyavadinah – do not hurt others with your speech. Speak pleasantly.
  4. Japapara – remember always the creator of the Universe (God).
  5. Soucha Para – Purity. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are major indicators of one’s good health.
  6. Dheera – Patience
  7. Dana – Charity
  8. Samadara – Be respectful
  9. Anrashamsya – do not be cruel to anyone
  10. Nityakarunavedinah – be merciful to all who are in need of help
  11. SamaJagrana – swapna – Maintain balance in waking and sleeping. Do not stay up long into the night and do not sleep in the daytime.
  12. Nityaksheerghritashinah – Take milk and ghee in moderation in your diet.
  13. Desha-Kala-pramanagya – be a knower of place, time, and measures of activities.
  14. Yuktigya – Plan ahead to achieve your goals.
  15. Anahamkari – avoid super egotism
  16. Shastachara – maintain good behavior established by Apta – the great sages and saints of society.
  17. Asamkiran –be generous and sharing
  18. AddhyatmaParayanam – be conscious. A conscious mind is a pure mind or a Sattvic mind. Sattva is the impulse to evolve, to go forward, and to progress.
  19. Upasitarahvriddhanam – respect and serve your elders.
  20. UpasitarahAstikanam – respect and serve priests, sages, and saints who serve your religion and God.
  21. UpasitarahJitatmanam – respect and serve the people who have conquered their senses (masters of desires).
  22. Dharma Para – keep yourself busy in religious activities.
  23. Shastrapara – continually study new sciences, advances, research, and philosophies and utilize them for the benefit of all human beings.

These conducts are called AcharaRasayana. He who follows them is capable of gaining enlightenment, long life span, and immortality.


The research has already proved that the behavioral therapy bring positive changes in the neurochemical functioning of the brain and helps one to evolve and progress effectively.  The therapy also reverses the disease process and helps one to stay in balance.


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