Mysore Ayurveda Academy and Wellness Centre is pleased to announce the inclusion of brand new online Workshop on AYURVEDA COSMETOLOGY.
Come feel the magic of Ayurvedic cosmetics!!!Get an insight into the Ayurvedic concept of Cosmetology and get equipped with the skill of making your own natural personal care products.
In the context of this program participants learn the cosmetic value of medicinal herbs and how to manufacture natural cosmetics easily and economically for the wellness and the grooming of the face and the body using medicinal herbs.
If you are interested to explore Ayurvedic Cosmetics or wish to develop a foundation in Ayurvedic Cosmetology, you are welcome to grab the opportunity👐👐👐👐
And learn to prepare your own COSMETICS🔶🔶🔶

The Workshop Schedule is as follows:
🌻Day 1:  • Introduction • Advantages of using Ayurveda Cosmetics• Crucial usage precautions• Lip balm Preparation (type I and Type II)• Pain Balm Preparation
🌻Day 2:• Aloe Vera Gel Preparation• Anti-acne Gel Preparation•      Multiple gel formulas•      Scrub making
🌻Day 3:  • Sandalwood face Cream • De-tan Body Lotion•      Multiple cream and lotion formulas
🌻Day 4:• Ayurvedic Conditioning Shampoo• Anti-dandruff Shampoo• Anti-acne Face wash
🌻Day 5:• Turmeric De-tan Soap• Red Sandalwood Soap• Activated Charcoal Soap• Milk Honey Soap• Neem Soap
🌻Day 6:• Perfume• Pain Relief Spray• Hand Sanitizer• Mud Pack• Skin Toner


DATE & TIMINGS:  Can be according to your convenience


The Workshop is handled by Dr. Chitralekha Krishnamurthy M.D. (Ayu)

Course Highlights:️

🍀Formulation of Cosmetic products with Ayurvedic Perspective

🍀Classical Formulations in Appealing form

🍀Basics Of Cosmetics with Detailed Notes in pdf format

🍀Video Sessions with Practical Demonstration

🍀SLES and Paraben Free Products Making

🍀Learn to make formulating own customized product

🍀No Artificial Color

🍀E Certificate

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